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Making Memories...

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

"If you want to keep your memories , first you have to live them"

- Bob Dylan

Well, we are finally all moved into our new home and ready to start the next exciting chapter!

We just have a few more boxes to unpack before we start planning some renovations.

I know I should keep some of the boxes packed away til the painting/reno's are complete, but then it just wouldn't feel like home without a few of my favourite family pics and memorabilia on display. And although we've left the old home behind, the memories we made there have come with us and will stay in our hearts forever.

Our previous home I now refer to as the 'lockdown house' , I know it sounds a little dark, but to me that's what it was. I will always think of it with a mix of emotions, for this was the home that started with such amazing beginnings - filled with beautiful memories of our children returning home for a rare family vacation literally right before the world went into lockdown.

And while she served us well and gave way for new inspirations and new pathways to follow, I have to say I'm super excited for this new home and and the memories we will make, being able to live life in a world finally free from lockdowns and restrictions.

I know I will always be grateful for my little 'lockdown house' and the important life lessons she has taught me, for she gave me the gift of time during the long periods of isolation to reflect on life and what truly matters. I am thankful for the flame she rekindled to pursue the things that truly make my heart happy such as writing, poetry, and art.

I have already named our new home the "House of Hope and Freedom" as this is what she represents. She has a beautiful yard and garden to enjoy nature as well as plenty of blue sky above, but even more importantly a door that now allows friends and family to come and go. This will be a place for entertaining and making new happy memories . And while I'm excited to nest and make these four walls 'home' I'm even more excited for that door which now allows us to step outside and truly live life again once more.

I hope you're busy living and making lots of new happy memories to cherish too , life is short my friends, get out there and live it!!

Warmest wishes

Kim Annette xox

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